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Recognized Award Winning Master Martial Artist JASON LOWE

Has developed a proven streamline Mix of the most effective techniques aimed at todays threats. Invented from a mixture of 3 different disciplines.

You'll get the short - cut to Self Defense & Confidence WITHOUT 10 YEARS  of KARATE,TAE KWON DO or KENPO!


  • Adult classes

  • Private Lessons

  • Special Needs

  • Women

  • Children

  • Men

Low Rates, Simply the Best for your Buck!

Call Now For More Info:

Phone: 951-261-9035



            Classes fill up fast!

Call today for your FREE! 3 Day Trial!

Give your children the tools to build           Confidence & Feel Safe.

CALL NOW:  951-261-9035


Lowe's Martial Arts Academy

Teaches you modern real world techniques:


  • How to avoid and diffuse most bullying

  • Recognizing threats in advance

  • Confidence, Discipline & Strenghth Training

  • Strong Defensive Skillls

  • Explosive Techniques


This all inclusive course is big on Discipline, Defense and Dignity.

Proven strategic techniques ensure you'll see rapid results in focus, following directions and strenghth, without the "BOOT CAMP!" feel.

Regulated small classes enable personal attention for all students.

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