Recognized Award winning Master Martial Artist JASON LOWE!

has developed a proven streamlined mix of the most effective techniques aimed at today's threats. Invented from a mixture of THREE different disciplines, you'll get the short cut to self defense & confidence without 10 years of KARATE, TAE KWON DO or JUJITSU! www.facebook.com/karatejloweJason Lowe Sr. Mira Loma, California Fun outgoing, intelligent and knowledgeable individual. Martial Arts is my first love and I absolutely enjoy Teaching, Coaching and Performing the Art of Karate. Life is something that we should all cherish, thus in our own way. I am a husband and a father of three Beautiful Children. My KIDS mean the world to me. I try to Teach them how to deal with life's obstacles; I always remind them that if not for Martial Arts I would not be the man I am today. I have been blessed enough to have some very important people in my life. My MOTHER had a very Positive Impact on my life, she always taught me to work hard for what I want, and to always be Loving, Caring and Giving. The art of Karate became an intricate part of my life. I trained under some of the BEST! Martial Artist in the World. The following had such a great impact on my life that I cannot thank them enough: Grandmaster J.P Lowe Jr., Grandmaster Bishop Donnie Williams and Sijo Muhammad, they both were INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS! and Founders of the (The Black Karate Federation) "BKF".Through Both of these men, coupled with my mother, I gained discipline, confidence and a Lifetime LOVE of MARTIAL ARTS. I will soon have a chain of karate studios and I want to teach what I have learned to others, especially the KIDS! I believe "you can't keep it unless you share it with others". Always remember to "work hard, never quit and finish strong"!


Motto # 1

Karate is my skill;

I will defend my friends. my family and my loved ones to the end.

Whenever I present  myself day or night they will always know that I will walk, run and then  fight!

Motto # 2 

While yet I have the ability to understand my own will and confidence, I will choose to be patient with all,

but when in doubt my courage and confidence will stand very, very, TALL!

Motto # 3

For in my mind there is good stuff in, bad stuff out.

Motto # 4

The ultimate aim of Martial Arts is not the victory nor defeat but the perfection of one's character.

Mottto # 5

I come to you with Karate empty hands. I have no weapons, so without weapons if I am forced to defend myself, my principles or my Honor, may it be a matter of RIGHT OR WRONG, LIFE or DEATH! I may choose to turn my left hand into a fist, my right hand into a sword; so here are my weapons. KARATE, the ARTof EMPTY HANDS AND FEET! 




Gichin Funakoshi Shotokan







Studio Schedule:
Our Location In Eastvale

6126 Cripple  Creek Drive

Eastvale, CA 92880

Website: loweskarate.com


Tel: 951-261-9035

Best way to reach us!

E-Mail: karatejlowe@gmail.com


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karatejlowe/



We have re-opened and accepting new students!  We look forward to meeting you!

Kids Classes: 


White & Yellow Belt

Tuesday and Wednesday

6:30PM - 7:15P

Orange, Purple & Green Belt:


Tuesday and Wednesday

kids 4-12yrs 7:15P - 8:00P

Thursday (Sparring)

kids 4-12yrs 6:30p - 7:15p


(13 and older)

Tuesday 8:00p -8:45p

Thursday 7:15p - 8:00p


45min  CLASSES