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Recognized Award winning Master Martial Artist JASON LOWE!

has developed a proven streamlined mix of the most effective techniques aimed at today's threats. Invented from a mixture of MANY different disciplines, you'll get the best practical training in self defense & confidence while using techniques created by me for use in the streets! Jason Lowe Sr. Eastvale, California Fun outgoing, intelligent and knowledgeable individual. Martial Arts is my first love and I absolutely enjoy Teaching, Coaching and Performing the Art of Karate. Life is something that we should all cherish, thus in our own way. I am a husband and a father of three Beautiful Children. My KIDS mean the world to me. I try to Teach them how to deal with life's obstacles; I always remind them that if not for Martial Arts I would not be the man I am today. I have been blessed enough to have some very important people in my life. My MOTHER had a very Positive Impact on my life, she always taught me to work hard for what I want, and to always be Loving, Caring and Giving. The art of Karate became an intricate part of my life. I trained under some of the BEST! Martial Artist in the World. The following had such a great impact on my life that I cannot thank them enough: Grandmaster J.P Lowe Jr., Grandmaster Bishop Donnie Williams, GM Jeffery Samilton Sr. Shihan Eaarl Parker and Sijo Muhammad, they all were CHAMPIONS/ INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS! members and Founders of the (The Black Karate Federation) "BKF".Through all of these men, coupled with my mother, I gained discipline, confidence and a Lifetime LOVE of MARTIAL ARTS. I will soon have a chain of karate studios and I want to teach what I have learned to others, especially the KIDS! I believe "you can't keep it unless you share it with others". Always remember to "work hard, never quit and finish strong"!


Motto # 1

Karate is my skill. I will defend my friends. my family and my loved ones until the end.

Whenever I present  myself day or night they will always know that I will Talk, walk, run and thefight!

Motto # 2 

While I yet have the ability to understand my own will and confidence, I will choose to be patient with all,

but when in doubt my courage and confidence shall stand very, very, TALL!

Motto # 3

For in my mind there is good stuff in, bad stuff out.

Motto #4

Work Hard, Never Quit, Finish Strong

Motto # 5

The ultimate aim of Martial Arts is not the victory nor defeat but the perfection of one's character.

Motto #6

Work Hard, Never Quit, Finish Strong

Mottto #7

I come to you with Karate empty hands. I have no weapons, so without weapons if I am forced to defend myself, my principles or my Honor, may it be a matter of RIGHT OR WRONG! I may choose to turn my left hand into a fist, my right hand into a sword; so here are my weapons. KARATE, the ARTof EMPTY HANDS AND FEET! 




Gichin Funakoshi Shotokan







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