About Us

At Lowe's Martial Arts Academy, we are a family!  

Grand Master Lowe brings his expertise and passion for teaching to our families. In support of our students, LMAA is a community of families that help to make the dojo feel like home. We have a parent committee to support the operations and community functions that provide a safe place to learn and grow together so we can come together as family. Together, we can see our community grow and thrive. Join us to become a part of the LMAA family.

Recognized Award Winning Grand Master Martial Artist Jason Lowe

Grand Master Lowe has developed a proven streamlined mix of the most effective techniques aimed at today's threats. Invented from a mixture of many different disciplines, you'll get the best practical training in self defense & confidence while using techniques created by him for use in the streets! Fun outgoing, intelligent, and knowledgeable individual, Grand Master Lowe shares, "Martial Arts is my first love and I absolutely enjoy teaching, coaching and performing the art of karate." Grand Master Lowe believes, "life is something that we should all cherish, thus in our own way." 

More about Grand Master Jason Lowe:

I am a father of three beautiful children and they mean the world to me. I try to teach them how to deal with life's obstacles. I always remind them that if not for Martial Arts, I would not be the man I am today. I have been blessed enough to have some very important people in my life. My mother had a very positive impact on my life. My mother always taught me to work hard for what I want; always be loving, caring, and giving. The art of Karate became an intricate part of my life. I trained under some of the best Martial Artists in the world. These Martial Artists are champions and/or international champions, they are also the founders of the Black Karate Federation (BKF) and are members years later

The following Martial Artists have had such a great impact on my life: 

I cannot thank them enough for the support and life lessons.

Through all of these men, coupled with my mother, I gained discipline, confidence, and a lifetime love of Martial Arts. I will soon have a chain of karate studios and I want to teach what I have learned to others, especially the kids! I believe "you can't keep it unless you share it with others". Always remember to "work hard, never quit, and finish strong"!